Adoption Fees

Q: What does your adoption fee cover?

A: The adoption fee covers the spay/neuter of the animal, age appropriate shots, food, medications, microchips, and other medical care when required. Also, sometimes when we pull dogs from shelters, we have to pay related fees as well. Medical expenses stack up quickly.


Q: Why do you have a structured fee, and not have a flat fee?

A: The fees are averaged the best that we can. However, we have structured them to help recover additional costs that we typically incur. Puppies will always require spay/neutering and microchips. Rescued puppies can have additional health issues that need to be addressed, like parvo. Adult dogs that are in the system have typically already been neutered. Also, we want to encourage people to look at and adopt adult dogs. Smaller breeds do have a higher fee. Small dogs are popular and people tend to hold on, work through or ignore their problems. When they do surrender their small breed dog to us, they are often not in a healthy state.


Q: Animal Shelters in the state charge lower adoption fees then you do. Why is your fee so high?
A: Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue co-operates with Animal Shelters in the state. While we have similar missions, we also provide different services to the Alaskan community. Animal Shelters are also funded by state and local governments and have some of the costs subsidized. Also, when we pull dogs from shelters, we have to pay some of the same fees that you would when adopting. By all means, we do recommend looking at animal shelters first in the search for your new family member. This actually helps us by reducing shelter overcrowding, which in turn gives us a chance to rescue other dogs in need. You can also look at our community adoptions page, and adopt directly from an individual responsibly looking to re-home their dog. We rescue a lot of dogs in a lot of different methods. We run a low cost spay/neuter program. We often assist in community need cases when we have the funds to do so. We’re working on community education projects, and are looking to assist in spay/neuter programs to the rest of Alaska. We don’t serve just one purpose, and we don’t just serve one city/community. We feel that our fee covers our immediate costs and the long term goals. Comparatively, our fee is well within the national average for a dog rescue. As an added bonus, we are an all volunteer organization, so the money goes directly back into the rescue.