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    The ARM instruction set formats are shown below. Figure 4-1: ARM .. The first operand is always a register (Rn). Cond. 00. I OpCode. Rn. Rd. Operand 2. 0. 11.

    Instruction. Lo register operand. Hi register operand. Condition codes set. See Section: ADC Table 5-1: THUMB instruction set opcodes (Continued) All instructions in this format have an equivalent ARM instruction as shown in ·Table.
    ARM Cortex-M3 We’ll be working with the ARM instruction set architecture Arithmetic instructions operands must be registers, . OPcode Rd, Rn, Rm.
    Home > The Cortex-M3 Instruction Set > Instruction set summary For more information on the instructions and operands, see the instruction descriptions.
    The processor implements a version of the thumb instruction set. Table 20 lists Table 20. Cortex-M3 instructions. Mnemonic. Operands. Brief description. Flags.
    The opcode is the instruction. The number of operands in an instruction depends on the type of instruction. Normally, the first operand is the destination of theCortex-M3 instructions The processor implements the ARMv7-M Thumb instruction set. shows the Cortex-M3 instructions and their cycle counts. of cycles required based on the number of leading ones and zeroes in the input operands.
    7 Sep 2010 Cortex-M3 Instruction Set. TECHNICAL are registered trademarks and Cortex is a trademark of ARM Limited. Flexible Second Operand .
    Cortex-M3 architecture UDIV, SDIF division, bit-field operators . but Cortex-M3 supports only the 16-bit/32-bit Thumb-2 instruction set .. Opcode Ordinal. 31.
    Cortex-M3 Instruction Sets Chapter 4 in the reference book 8.5 Instruction Sets The number of operands in an instruction depends on the type of instruction.


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