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    Is sex part of the life cycle

    Give Basket: Men understand & quot; He does not let go & quot;
    They are: men’s fantasies
    “A few months ago, I met a man (31), but after meeting him, I realized that nothing could come of us.
    sex toy male
    Now he does not seem to understand that. When I say that I have no time for a date, he urges so long, until someday I will be soft again out of politeness. Or he thinks I play games and I really want something from him, although I make myself scarce.
    I do not want to get too rude and offend him either, because you always see each other twice in your life … How can I make it clear to him in a gentle way that I really have no interest in further meetings with him? Thank you for your help! “Lea, 31, via e-mail
    I’ll give you a basket
    The expert answer:
    “Dear Lea, put yourself in his position: Imagine, you are interested in a man, maybe you want more from him, but do not know exactly, if he is actually interested in you, because of politeness he meets but again and again with you, so that you can not be sure how he stands with you, what kind of behavior would be most helpful for you?
    Certainly it is one of the more difficult and unpleasant tasks in interpersonal living to tell the other person that you have no further interest in his person and therefore his efforts do not meet with love. But it is necessary and only fair to take a clear stand here.
    Ultimately, there will only be one solution: you must clearly and clearly signal to him that you have no further interest in joint activities with him. You can do that without hurting him by not criticizing and rejecting him as a human being in general, but telling him that only you personally do not want to go on with it. And most importantly, do not use excuses like, ‘I’m not ready for a relationship right now …’, or ‘I have so much to do at the moment …’. This only shifts the problem backwards and complicates the whole situation. I wish you all the best!”
    Markus Ernst
    Markus Ernst, 40, is a certified psychologist, works as a coach at the online partner agency and has his own practice. He has extensive expertise in dating, mate choice and partnership.
    The men answer:
    “Dear Lea, if you are really afraid of violent reactions, grab a good male friend, go to a coffee shop, and make an appointment with the man who obviously needs a definite stop, your friend should be a little further away from the table You are waiting for your unwanted worshiper, and when he comes, do not wait long, but get to the point as quickly as possible.
    Explain to him in a friendly tone that you do not feel like playing games and you do not want any further contact. Maybe he will ask for reasons and want to know why you do not want to get to know him further. In that case, you should have some answers.
    So men say “I love you” without saying it
    Above all, it is important to remain calm and explain objectively why it will not work. Also tell him that it bothers you that he did not understand to this exact point that there is no interest in you – even though the signals were actually clear.
    Go and let your local friend watch the man for a while. Then let your good friend accompany you home and wait for it. Actually, everything should be clarified: Every person – whether man or woman – should now have understood that it makes more sense to fall in love again. I wish you good luck! “Agent Dexter
    Our second adviser is online under the pseudonym Agent Dexter, 28 years old and a studied germanist and journalist. He loves music, sports and fine food, and for the first time deals professionally with relationship issues on behalf of
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