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    Tripper: A dangerous aftermath
    Most infections are caused by bacteria and fungi and are – once recognized – easily treatable. But there are also diseases (especially viral), which can bring severe consequences to the death. Therefore we clarify in our series about the most well-known infections in the genital area. Today: gonorrhea, medically called gonorrhea.
    The disease: gonorrhea
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    Tripper is a very contagious disease transmitted through the mucous membranes. Each year around one percent of the world’s population is affected worldwide – men and women alike. This makes gonorrhea one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. By the year 2000, a contagion was even reportable.
    Unprotected intercourse is the main cause of infection with the gonococcal gonococcus (more precisely: Neisseria gonorrhoeae). The bacteria can not only affect the mucous membranes of the urinary tract and genital organs, throat and rectum are affected by oral and anal intercourse again and again; Tying the skin, for example, by rubbing the eyes. The result is purulent inflammation. Protection against the sexually transmitted disease offer only condoms.
    Tripper symptoms: vaginal discharge and pain when urinating
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    The treacherous on the gonorrhea: Many women notice at first no or only mild discomfort and therefore do not look for a doctor, even though they can pass the infection already. Other patients notice a white-yellowish discharge due to inflammation of the cervix and cervix. If the urethra is infected, it can also cause pain when urinating. The fallopian tubes, ovaries and the genital glands are affected again and again. As a rule, these inflammations are accompanied by fever and pain in the lower abdomen and / or vaginal area.
    The therapy: antibiotics against gonococci
    If a gonorrhea is not treated, the bacteria can continue to spread and infect other organs and tissues in the body. In addition to the inflammations already mentioned, those of the peritoneum, the joints or the meninges are possible. Last but not least, untreated gonorrhea can lead to infertility. A medical treatment with antibiotics is therefore in any case inevitable – also for the partner to prevent future mutual infections. Homeopathically, the treatment can be supported by the intake of Cubebenpfeffer or sulfur.
    Consequences of gonorrhea
    Some of the symptoms that may indicate gonorrhea include certain intimate diseases. The uterine infection is one of them. Particularly in women, an infection with gonorrhea, commonly known as gonorrhea, is often rather mild. However, the pathogens underlying the venereal disease can also be the cause of uterine infection.
    A uterine infection manifests itself by symptoms such as increased discharge, which may be whitish-yellow, but also bloody or purulent and can smell bad. If the vagina is also inflamed, it can be affected by burning and itching.
    Tripper in the future untreatable?
    Recent news circulated from England, according to which gonorrhea could become an untreatable disease. According to BBC News, the head of the UK Health Department, Dame Sally Davies, warned doctors and pharmacies of persistent antibiotic resistance in gonococci. In 2014, the online edition of the Pharmazeutische Zeitung already reported rising numbers worldwide. Dr. According to Petra Spornraft-Ragaller from the Dresden University of Technology, “Inadequate use of antibiotics, which are available without a prescription in some countries”, but also the long use of individual substances and insufficient data on the resistance situation, could trigger the problem the article. BBC News also mentions the wrong medication of patients who only get one instead of the two recommended antibiotics (ceftriaxone and azithromycin). In her letter, therefore, Davies asked for the correct medication.
    If you suspect that you are suffering from gonorrhea, you should always consult a doctor who can make a confirmed diagnosis, answer any questions about the infection, and initiate the right treatment.
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