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    I didn’t know the tiger organoid from Zoids Versus 2/Zoids Legacy, PULSE, can change colors. What I still don’t know is what affect does that
    For Zoids: Legacy on the Game Boy Advance, a GameFAQs Answers question want for best effect is to change Pulse’s colors to earn the best skills you can.
    15 Sep 2004 After writing a hacking guide for Zoids Saga II, which by the way was . 4 AA Laser 0202822b – Lsr. M Gun 0202822c – Pulse LGun 0202822d
    12 Oct 2007 You will get Fiona’s Prayer through the short cl.., Zoids: Legacy Gameboy he can help you increase Pulse’s four emotion colours by adding 5
    17 Dec 2007 For Zoids: Legacy on the Game Boy Advance, FAQ/Walkthrough by Chen Guojun. This Guide is written for the game Zoids Saga II and Zoids Legacy for the If you wish to get Pulse at maximum effect, then read the Secrets
    Ta e note that there will be differences in the names between Zoids Saga 2 and Zoids Legacy. Tips are listed all over this guide. Using the GuideIt is highly
    Zoids Legacy is the English-version name for Zoids Saga II. Copied from the manual: “ZOIDS are great metal warrior robots from Planet Zi beyond the galaxy. . This includes boosting Max HP (even more than the Organoid’s HP stat will do),25 Jan 2014
    Pulse is a leopard-type Organoid unique to the games, particularly in Zoids Legacy, owned by Zeru, the game’s protagonist. His primary abilities are healing and
    5 Jul 2005 Walkthrough: A guide to getting through the game. Challenging .. Q: Why does Pulse increase my Zoid’s HP differently than he’s supposed to?


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