Foster a Dog or Pup

Another way you can help is by becoming a foster home for one or more of our available dogs or puppies.
This is not only a very rewarding experience but ADPR makes it easy, food, medical expenses, crates, bedding, toys, treats and anything else you would want for your foster dog is provided to you free of cost.  All you have to provide is a safe, warm place for the puppy or dog you foster along with basic care, exercise and training.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing please fill out our foster home application and e-mail it to or drop it by any of our adoption clinic locations on Saturday.

AMC Title 17 affects residents of the Municipality of Anchorage (this includes Eagle River, Chugiak, and Girdwood).  This title provides that a resident with four or more dogs must purchase a municipal kennel license.  The requirement is waived if one or more of those dogs is fostered for a rescue organization approved by and registered with the Municipality, as is ADPR.  See AMC 17.16.060.

Foster Volunteer Application