Do not forget guys, this really is a MMORPG!!!! Which contains RPG And play with this game for fun please by enjoying all contents the match offers.Your thought about the present cap harm men? And about course rebalance? Any suggestions to correct those issues? Should Nexon be more stricted with people who break ToS? What do you think about stats in general, including all damage Maplestory M Mesos?

You are welcome to leave positive remarks here. If you do not agree with my principal post or alternative player opinions, please don’t attack them and be more constructive. Particular classes have a lot of traces, particularly Wild Hunter with 3 traces of Hurricane, therefore we might consider of lowering number of lines to make it more fair.Final EDIT: If we can decrease pay2win aspect and promoting RPG aspect more, we could greatly reduce the quantity of prohibited transactions.

At same time, about putting CS items into FM store like KMS does, it will promote damage addiction aspect by a whole lot in my opinion. So we can suggest to considerably increase drop rate of cubic blades and cubes should be instanced fall, nevertheless untradeable XD AND from directors only, NOT elite boss. If they need, they could still put decorative items in FM store.Slow down buy Maple Mobile Mesos bot production with telephone confirmation

Bots, and individuals taking advantage of occasions. Bots are particularly problematic because they also take advantage of events by stocking up on mesos to market for cash. Before NexonNA can start to actually handle the problems in this sport, they need a means to attack the bot difficulty in this game first.