Blizzard notes which the dates are all subject to change, and that gamers will require active subscription time to enter any of those tests. While the strain tests will not be as restricted as the beta itself, Blizzard gets the standard disclaimer that opting in does not guarantee access with classic wow gold. The stress tests will have some type of level cap set up to make sure players stick to the very same locations and actually stress servers.WoW Classic will implement something similar to host sharding to help handle server load at the first days after launching. You can find out more about the systems in play our complete WoW Classic interview.

WoW Classic Beta testing for workers has begun and more info about World of Warcraft’s Vanilla server option is going to be published. Last week, a new WoW Classic data construct surfaced Blizzard’s Vendor CDN which suggested that a beta for Classic could be inbound. According to Blizzard nevertheless, this new construct is related to worker alpha testing. “I have a little update here to help quell some of the rumors and allow you to know where we’re at for WoW Classic”, neighborhood director Bornakk wrote about the official World of Warcraft forums. “We recently began a stage of internal employee alpha testing. The new construct data that a number of you have been talking over the past few days is part of the procedure. Phases in this way allow us to test out the game content alongside other performance that will be used in the live match, such as logging in through the Blizzard 62 App.”

While Blizzard does not have any announcement to make at this point seeing Classic and a possible open beta, more information on the Blizzard’s Vanilla server option for WoW Classic is going to be published soon. “Aside from this, we don’t have any announcements to make at this time”, Bornakk added. More information will be coming shortly!”

The additional info was released by community manager Aerythlea in a post on the official WoW Classic forums over the weekend with best wow classic gold seller. As with other components in Classic, items will be based on Blizzard’s reference version for Classic, patch 1.12.