MCT order two S210 watches
The bold, avant-garde watchmaking school hen, MCT replica (used to make CONTEMPORAINE) may not think of the first name, but it should probably be a shortlist. At the 2016 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, the brand has given up the details of the MCT Sequential Two S210 – the latest development of the 2009 Wild Sequential One, which offers the same hourly display based on the rotating shutter, but increased A new titanium metal case material and some great improvements in legibility and overall wear resistance.
Although MCT may invite inexorable comparisons of exotic watch names such as MB&F or Urwerk, the reason MCT Sequential Two is so compelling is that it is still based on traditional, fully vertically integrated Swiss watchmaking. I like to think of the MCT Sequential series as the intersection between traditional high-end mechanical watches and the avant-garde “out-there” brands such as Urwerk. You get the same fine movement surface treatment and attention to detail as the former, including in the latter’s complex industrial design, once you understand it, you can easily grasp the time.
Basically, the minute hand functions like most other watches, but the time is indicated by the "C" center disc that rotates on the dial. It rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise every hour to a new blind. There are four louvers, each of which transmits three numbers through five rotating prisms, and we have between 1 and 12 per hour. Therefore, in the above two images, the above picture tells us that the time is 8:10, and the next picture gives us 10:10 time.Bovet replica watch

The MCT Sequential Two S210 is the second iteration of the Sequential Two series – the first time it appears in the rose gold round case, just like the S200. This time, all the gold is traded in an extremely cool 5-grade titanium structure, making the watch a bolder, steel-like look. Titanium also introduces new matte, brushed and polished complex dynamics that stand in stark contrast to the angular architecture of the dial – just like some steampunk art installations and futuristic Asian metropolitan backgrounds. Despite this complexity, the MCT Sequential Two S210 lacks any specific "complex features", defined by the clock, showing hours and minutes only through large hot blue minute hands, and rotating shutter sets within 12 hours. , 3, 6 and 9 positions.
The same as the S200 is the case design – round 46 mm, with a downwardly rotating lug, comfortable. The movement behavior is also the same, with the minute hand rotating 360 degrees around the dial for 60 minutes, then the C-shaped "Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps" ring is pressed 45 degrees to show the next hour through its aperture while obscuring the other three sets of blinds. Although the MCT-S2.0 is a stylish movement designed exclusively inside MCT, it is still a very cool show, and it looks equally cool through the front and back sapphire glass of the watch. But perhaps the best indication of the 2.5Hz, micro-rotor-driven MCT-S2.0 movement is the impressive micromechanical is its 654 separate components – 89 of which are jewelry.
A total of only 50 new MCT Sequential Two S210s are produced, with a total of 25 dial configurations: grey anthracite or smooth champagne.u boat chimera replica