If GMS is empty would not it be a good idea to lift the IP ban into other areas? I live in a region banned from GMS and from my experience most folks I do party quest with are from regions banned from GMS. Problem is we need to use other stuff and proxys to be able to playwith, which provides us lag. Many individuals are really bothered by this although in my opinion Maplestory M Meso is OK and a few does not even play the game anymore.

Maplestory was great in the past because there was a neighborhood, there was always people available to play with and chat. I think when nexon opened GMS to regions players would be back, more NX will be purchased. I am certain that many north american players will return to the game when the game got more lively.

I meanwe understand nexon prohibits the IP so nexon could market Maplestory M mesos the game rights to companies natives to those regions, but from my experience, Maplestory in my country (Brazil) failed miserably only because there weren’t many players around. Cash won’t be bought by people unless they believe the game is going to continue in the future.

In addition, one of the most important thing in a game in my view is equilibrium. I like to know that buy Maple Mobile Mesos I will wake up and play the game without gigantic surprises because of a company. I am sure many men and women think like me. Having IP prohibit in GMS, in 2015, is a indicator that nexon wishes to kill the game permanently.