I’ve got a theory. It seems like a few months past, jagex needed a enormous bot wipe that ended banning a large amount of legit players. There was a lot of negative comments for the customer support team because these legit players could not get there back accounts with RuneScape gold, as you can see on reddit as well as the jagex customer service twitter page. Jagex just isn’t able to detect bots anymore, as most robots are programmed to perform exactly like a real player. Some bots seem obvious, by way of instance the ones who just do pyramid plunder, however the problem with banning all those accounts is that there’s a possibility it’s really a true participant. Jagex has a serious issue, and no true way to resolve it.

Might it be possible that these bots are required to maintain the economy? I don’t have any idea on the numbers of players playing osrs, but when all bots were prohibited would it mess up the market of several products? I mean do not get me wrong, I hate bots the same as everybody. I just wondered whether there is a reason that jagex would thus clearly ignore this for so long. I am pretty certain there are bots that buy nails from the lumberyard because when I moved to get only 300 nails on my ironman a couple weeks ago every entire world was at virtually no nails. Could just be additional ironmen but you don’t really need that many claws for building and you may sell them for a gain over the GE.

The reason Bots are not receiving prohibited at any acceptable level is they rely on the algorythms that’s automated. Because they think and operate on this particular system (Hours and money) they dont have real men and women go to such levels and check out these robots. Occasionaly they do and are undermanned. When they commit to the algo software it is easily defeated. A human is almost impossible to defeat if it implimented properly. If I was Jagex and wished to do so badly (They dont) I would do the algorythms and humans. I could pay someone (a kid) to eliminate those robots at 1000’s per week.

However, its a kids game and jagex aint going to take you guys seriously until Jagex sales numbers fall much longer and then its too late and they accept this. . .period!!! Request any dev. They kind of tie themselves in knots believing in software together with lots of money instead of boots on the floor to buy OSRS gold (People ). Gotta love technology and this is the reason they will never replace people on many levels.