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    The 2 Ports USB Charger: A New Innovation To A Not-So-New Device The 2 Ports USB Charger: A New Innovation To A Not-So-New Device January 5 [url=http://www.cheapnflfalconsjerseys.com/deadrin-senat-jersey/]Deadrin Senat Youth Jersey[/url] , 2014 | Author: Johny Jacson | Posted in Internet Business Online
    USB chargers have been around the market for quite some time but you need to keep an eye on most of them because of their tendency to overcharge and overheat. The body of the charger itself is also prone to overheating. The quality of charging is also not up to par with the gadget’s standards and may shorten the duration of your battery’s life. You might need a battery replacement earlier than you should. The worst scenario is that battery overcharging or leaks could damage the costly gadget you worked so hard to buy.

    Most of the gadgets today have tons of applications that can be used simultaneously to make work and personal life much easier to manage. However, the more applications used, the more power it consumes, making the battery life shorter. For people constantly on the go, it makes sense to have a 2 ports USB charger in the car especially when travelling long distance. This way, there is no worry about the gadgets shutting down in the middle of an important call or transaction even while on the road.

    Safety is one of the features that is difficult to find in most chargers. The 2 ports USB charger lets you breathe easy with its automatic change to minimum current flow for fully charged batteries and an automatic shut off feature once an overcharge is detected.

    It does not only work well in hot weather but in very cold weather and low humidity as well. The charger’s optimum performance over a wide range of temperature makes it ideal for use anywhere in the world and anytime of the year. Wherever you are and whatever the season, you can count on it to give your gadget the charging it deserves.

    To solve this problem, the 2 ports USB charger is equipped with detectors and indicators. An LED lights up if the charger is in good working condition and the charging automatically stops when it detects overvoltage or over-current in the battery. If the battery is fully charged, it works with minimum charging current. The anti-oxidation pull tab is made up of high quality aluminium and is fire-proof, and the charger itself does not get hot.

    There is no worry about signals being disrupted by charging devices using the 2 ports USB charger. You can listen to high quality music on your radio or MP3 player without being interrupted by static and distortions, or you can check your GPS and still get to where you are going without a hitch.

    The 2 ports USB charger is also small and stylishly designed to look good with your phone and tablet as well as your vehicle so that it isn’t an eyesore like most other chargers. The ports are also standardized to be compatible with most gadgets’ USB charger that is connected to PC or MAC USB ports.

    Gadgets are made for convenience but carrying a lot of tangled wirings and bulky chargers make it more of a burden instead. The 2 ports USB charger makes it light and easy to carry gadgets and keep it working without the bulk.

    Johny Jacson is an expert of chargers. To find out everything about the Dual Port Car Charger, visit his website at Vority Dual Port Car Charger.

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